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We are a community of creators, doing what we love and using our gifts, talents and abilities to serve others. We talk a lot around our offices about how our team functions like a family, about how we love working together to thrill our clients. We want this to be a place where you can meaningfully employ your own unique gifts, talents and abilities to create something beautiful! If this sounds like something you desire, and after digging around this site, it seems as though you've got something to offer, we'd love for you to take a step in our direction and apply!

"We're a group of friends that work in inspiring environments to make the coolest things we can think of for great people all over the world. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? It is."

Jason Sanders, Creative Director

"I love getting to strategize with customers to figure out exactly what they need. There are an infinite number of possibilities on the web, so to be able to make this process a little easier and help narrow it down to the things that really matter, and then see the clients face light up at the finished product is so rewarding. Also, the people, the people, the people. Can't stress that enough...I work with some awesome folks! "

Emily Ohmart, Bloomington-Normal Web Strategist

"I love working at Cybernautic because ALL of the staff are awesome! Another thing I love is the balance between work and family. We work hard to keep the standard higher and produce excellence and yet we also give valuable time to our families, especially our kids. Thank you Cybernautic!!!"

Joel Abadayan, Web Developer

"It's rare to find management who will welcome suggestions from employees, and rarer still to see many of those ideas put into practice. Staff is encouraged to seek out creative solutions to problems, and the journey is often given as much importance as the destination. It's not a perfect company, but one that is committed to developing, that encourages self-actualization, and that is excited about seeing each person it encounters become the best version of his or herself. I love Cybernautic because it's so human."

Dave DeGooyer, Director of Support

"I love this team! These people are truly incredible, each in their own unique way. Each week I get to sit back and see the ways everyone leverages their own gifts, talents & abilities to do something truly great for our clients!"

Robbie Osenga, Vice President & Chief Potential Officer

"In the 3 years I've been with Cybernautic, I've been continually challenged to take on projects outside my comfort zone, which has allowed me to grow and diversify my skills exponentially. Each project is completely different, so the work never feels repetitive. I love hearing feedback from happy clients who are blown away by our sites, it can be very fulfilling creatively."

Tyler Griffin, Web Designer/Developer

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