Specialize In Search

Web Marketing/SEO Internship

Are you one of those marketing majors, who geeks out over data & analytics? If so, we want to get to know you. If you are looking to grow in your experience of web marketing, and leveraging strategy to help clients accomplish their goals, we want you to come and explore career options that Cybernautic has to offer. If you are interested in interning with us, you need to know that we are looking for DOERS! Meaning you must have done something on your own, outside of a class assignment. We want to see what projects you've worked on & how you worked to creatively find solutions to accomplish your goals! We want to dive in and what worked & what didn't, and hear more about what you would do differently the next time.


It probably goes without saying but, we want those of you who are comfortable using Google Analytics & Excel. Now we realize that you may not yet be a rock star in Analytics yet, but we are looking for interns that are RESOURCEFUL. Meaning, we are looking for those of you who have the ability to problem solve & take advantage of the room we give you to run to accomplish something significant!


We are offering REAL work… with a REAL company… with a REAL desire to INVEST in who YOU are BECOMING!


Our Ask of You

Work 12-15 hours a week during business hours.

Attend all Friday consultation & team meetings from 8:30am - 11am

Google Local Verification, Directory Submissions, Create SEO Reports, Monthly Keyword Rank Checks

 Brainstorm Ways to Improve Rank & Reduce Bounce rates


How We Will Invest In You

You will be assigned a Cybernautic Mentor who will be your primary point of contact & is there to provide you direction on your projects.  You will participate in our Friday Team Meetings where you will get a weekly snapshot of what projects we are launching & a better glimpse into our process.  One time a semester you will be asked to participate in our "Design Day" professional development experience, at our Chicago office.  

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