Specialize in Search

SEO Specialist

We are looking for someone who naturally thinks strategically & is always looking for ways to better leverage systems  & our team to achieve better results. This person also needs to be a life long learner & excited to continually dig into the best ways to better promote our clients on the web. Our hope is that this person has the soft skills needed to regularly communicate with clients & meet with them face to face to report out & strategize ways to improve their results. 


These are the qualifications that we are looking for:


  • Experience setting up and optimizing websites and Google Ad campaigns
  • Passionate about the web
  • Google Analytics Certification Preferred
  • Marketing/Strategy Experience

  • Desire to create new systems of accountability & efficiency

  • Experience working with Clients &/or Sales

  • Autonomous Self Starter

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Web Strategist - Sales
Do love to find the win-win in a deal? Can you close? We need a highly motivated and experienced sales person; someone with a little grit and a lot of hustle. We need someone that LOVES the "high" of closing a deal but is disciplined about balancing that with a strong desire to only sign right clients to right projects.